Secured By Design

Safe Shores Monitoring is proud that Archangel®, our cloud-based platform, has been awarded Secured By Design a police preferred specification.

Established in 1989 by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Limited (formerly ACPO), Secured by Design (SBD) is the official initiative adopted by national police projects which recognise quality security products amongst other crime prevention schemes.

SBD provides the public with a brand of ‘Police Preferred’ systems and facilities which they can acknowledge as meaning the service provided by the company is ‘fit for purpose’ since they have undergone and passed rigorous tests which are specified by Police CPI.

BS5979 CAT2

The Safe Shores Monitoring Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) based in Dunoon Argyll is certified by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service – UKAS – to BS5979 CAT2. This means that it meets the requirements to obtain a Unique Reference Number (URN) and ‘Level 1’ emergency response. It uses the Police preferred URN process and in real terms, this means that the ARC service by-passes the conventional 999 service and results in a faster dispatch of ‘blue-light’ emergency resources in response to any incidents.

BS8484 Part 4, 5, 6 and 7

BS8484 is the lone worker device service standard. Originally awarded in 2009, the standard was updated in 2011 and most recently in 2016. BS8484 controls the sub-contractor supply chain, it identifies quality lone worker devices and service providers. It provides a service delivery guarantee, offers personal data protection and provides for an emergency ‘blue-light’ response that bypasses the 999 system.

The standard is broken down into various parts:

  • Part 4 – the Supplier
  • Part 5 – the Device
  • Part 6 – the Monitoring Centre (aka Alarm Receiving Centre)
  • Part 7 – the Response service
  • Note – BS8484 Part 6 also requires the Alarm Receiving Centre to be certified to BS5979 Cat2.


British Standard 7858 gives recommendations for the security screening of individuals to be employed in an environment where the security and/or safety of people, goods and services, personal data or property is a requirement of the employing organisation’s operations and/or where such security screening is in the public and/or corporate interest.

Safe Shores Monitoring Ltd routinely screens it’s personnel to both the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (Disclosure Scotland) and to BS7858 for up to 10 years of prior employment and personal history.

Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme

The PVG Scheme is for people doing ‘regulated work’ with children and protected adults.

A PVG certificate contains all unspent and certain spent conviction information. It also contains any other non-conviction information that the police or other government bodies think is relevant.

ICO Registered

In compliance with the Data Protection Regulations introduced on the 25 May 2018, we have registered and paid our data protection fee to the ICO and we who processes personal information in compliance with GDPR.

All of our lone worker solutions, devices and services are accredited to the highest possible standard, click on our lone worker product and services below to find out which is right for your business.

Essential Service

Combining value and quality Essential is our most popular lone worker package.

Essential Plus

Providing an Equality Act Compliant service our Essential Plus package provides greater accessibility and enhanced resilience.

Companion: App

Our Companion APP comes with advanced location features. Affordable, efficient and designed to be discreet.

Chaperone Device

Our Chaperone device is lightweight, discreet and efficient. A purpose built device designed for lone workers.

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