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As businesses adapt to a new way of working under COVID-secure guidelines, it’s crucial for businesses to maintain confidence amongst their customers and staff. One way that this can be achieved is by using Safe Trace, a simple, secure and efficient tool for contact tracing.

Here’s 5 ways Safe Trace can benefit your business:

1 – Fulfil your duty of care for your staff and customers

Under the COVID-secure guidelines, businesses such as pubs, restaurants, cafes and leisure centres are legally required to have a system in place to request and record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff to help break the chains of transmission of coronavirus.

With Safe Trace, you can implement a complete system that requests and records contact details with a simple QR code scan. Once scanned, the customers details will be logged securely for 21 days unless data is requested by NHS Test and Trace teams.

Safe Trace allows you to demonstrate to your staff and customers that you are taking extra measures to ensure their health and safety against coronavirus. Safe Trace is ultimately a more simple, secure and hygienic alternative to existing contact tracing methods, such as pen and paper or online forums, which create inefficiencies for your business. Safe Trace collects accurate visitor data, helping to aid successful contact tracing and reduce false details which further builds confidence for your staff and customers.

2 – Safe Trace aids accessibility

Do you know how to scan a QR code?

Safe Trace makes contact tracing more accessible. When testing Safe Trace with the public, we found that many people did not understand how QR codes worked and didn’t know how to scan them upon entry to a business. To combat this, we provide customers with their own QR code that the business is able to scan instead.

In the event that a mobile phone is too old to receive a QR code, or has no access to the internet, we also provide visitors with their own unique PIN, so they are still able to provide their details and be traced by the NHS if necessary.

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3 – Manage capacity and social distancing

A great feature of Safe Trace is that you can proactively manage the capacity of your premises. Recently, pubs and restaurants across the country have been shut down due to overcrowding and having a lack of social distancing measures in place.

With Safe Trace, you can set a capacity limit on your premises – with every new entry and exit to your business from multiple entry points, you can monitor capacity whilst collecting visitor details at the same time.

4 – It’s GDPR compliant

Safe Trace is a GDPR compliant solution which satisfies all staff and customer privacy concerns. With automatic data capture from the Safe Trace App, all data is secured on the Safe Trace Portal for 21 days with the sole purpose of contact tracing.

Recent news stories have highlighted that existing forms of contact tracing, such as manual paper forms and online forms have been misused to contact customers with unsolicited messages. Safe Trace eliminates these concerns as all data is held off-site with limited access to only one admin user – who can only access the system when coronavirus has been identified in the premises.

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5 – Satisfy Health and Safety Inspectors

With many businesses back open and operating under new guidelines, the Health and Safety Executive and local authorities have begun visiting those who have reopened since lockdown to check if they are being COVID-secure.

With Safe Trace in place in your organisation, you can satisfy health and safety inspectors that you have a system in place that protects staff, customers and visitors to help break the chain of transmission of coronavirus.

However, it is important to have other COVID-secure measures in place. To satisfy health and safety inspectors, you must also demonstrate that you have:

  • Conducted a COVID-19 Risk Assessment (if you have five or more employees, it is a legal requirement to keep a written record of significant findings). Click here to download our Risk Assessment Toolkit.
  • A COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy or a separate section in your existing policy that covers COVID-19.
  • Measures in place to promote COVID-19 guidance, including hand-washing and hand sanitising stations, social distancing posters and floor markers, one-way systems and protective shields for staff and their workspaces.
  • New operating procedures in place which can include reviewed opening times, scattered staff shifts and alternative purchasing methods including contactless payments and delivery services.

Remember to seek other advice and follow the detailed guidance for your specific region and sector to understand the steps needed to make your business COVID-secure. Separate guidance is available for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Find out more about Safe Trace

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