Improved Lone Worker Reporting

We are delighted to announce that following valued feedback from our customers, we have released our new and improved dashboard format for our reports.

The reports are either downloaded monthly from, Archangel®, our fully customisable and secure cloud-based portal or clients can subscribe to daily reports which will be emailed to them. 

Archangel® enables businesses to manage end user profiles, device allocations, locations, alarm management and view activity reporting – providing full control of your lone worker service.

The purpose of the new reports is to improve the end user experience and display organisations lone working data in an easy and digestible format.

Our customers have already complemented our new reporting format saying: “Archangel’s new reports offer us much greater convenience and efficiency.”

Our new reports come with a number of benefits including:

Data is presented in a dashboard format 

Information from across whole organisations is condensed and consolidated into an easily digestible dashboard format. This allows the Portal Administrator to view and filter information from across their whole organisation.

Organisations can compare summary activity data from sub-organisations 

Using the dashboard organisations can review and measure lone worker performance and data across sub-organisations. This allows them to see if any areas which may need help with the adoption of their lone worker solution. 

If they do then Safe Shores Monitoring can put systems in place to remind lone workers to use their solutions significantly increasing adoption.

For any lone worker adoption issues please get in touch with us at:

Organisations can view/analyse reporting departments side by side

Side by side comparisons allow organisations to see which department is utilising our lone worker solution to the fullest effect. This lets companies manage lone worker devices and services so they can allocate the solutions to where they are most needed.

Organisations can filter detailed transaction history user by user

This allows companies to view specific user details breaking down their organisations lone workers into individuals giving an in-depth analysis of usage.

Organisations can view the list of devices associated with each PIN

Organisations can now view a listing of devices and apps that are allocated to their users, allowing them to better manage their assets.

Organisations can view response plans and filter by user​

With this organisations can view each lone workers’ response plan. We understand businesses change over time, therefore if employees change or a response plan is redundant then this can be quickly flagged by the report. This ensures that if an emergency situation does occur then the correct response is in place. 

Find out more about our Archangel portal here.

For any queries, questions or for a demonstration of our reports please get in touch with us.

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