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BS8484 is the British Standard for the provision of lone worker safety device services. In 2009, the British Standards Institution (BSI) introduced the BS8484 to set a benchmark for those who provide lone worker safety services. Safe Shores Monitoring was one of the original authors contributing to both BS8484:2009 and the revision in 2011. This standard has been regularly updated ensuring the continued progression and security of the lone worker sector

Over the last 20 years, Safe Shores Monitoring has been committed to maintaining a level of excellence above and beyond that of the industry standard. To demonstrate that commitment, Safe Shores Monitoring works tirelessly towards achieving the highest accreditation possible. It is our responsibility, as a trusted lone worker service provider, to ensure that those in our charge have assurances beyond our word.

It is for this reason, we are proud to announce that earlier this month (September 2017) Safe Shores Monitoring secured the latest BS8484: 2016 accreditation, superseding the existing BS8484: 2011 standard. Although an already stringent industry benchmark, the 2016 update includes greater transparency in reporting, tighter key performance indicators for improved response time and comprehensive coverage of lone worker smartphone applications to coincide with the technological advances that have taken place over the last 5 years.

Safe Shores Monitoring are leading the way in smartphone mobile applications within the lone worker market, we welcome this latest benchmark which acknowledge the need for improved battery performance, as well as a more simple SOS function.

This latest lone worker certification, coupled with our own Alarm Receiving Centre certified BS5979 Cat2, and a Secured By Design police preferred specification award from the National Police Chiefs Council, guarantees to our customers that they are working with the most secure and resilient lone worker provider in the UK.

Tom Morton, CEO of Safe Shores Monitoring commented:

“As the lone worker industry continues to develop, BS8484:2016 delivers further improvements in service standards and resilience, and this latest certification for Safe Shores Monitoring confirms the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of lone worker service and resilience.”

“I am absolutely delighted for our dedicated team who continue to deliver excellent customer service through the pursuit of excellence. It is my privilege to work with a team who still impress me every day by exceeding these minimum industry standards.”

If you would like to know more about the fully accredited services which we provided and how they might be able to help protect your lone workers, contact us here or email [email protected].


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