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National Customer Service Week Logo

This week (October 5th – October 9th), Safe Shores Monitoring will be celebrating National Customer Service Week.


National Customer Service Week is a week-long event that highlights the importance of customer service. The week allows us to take a moment to recognise the achievements of our team at Safe Shores who deliver fantastic customer service and support to tens of thousands of lone workers each year.

Great customer service is core to our mission at Safe Shores. From 24-hour frontline support, to on-going customer relationship building and personal safety guidance, our mission is to protect, assure and respond to all customer needs.

Speaking of National Customer Service Week, CEO Tom Morton said:

National Customer Service Week is a great way for us to shine light on our amazing team at Safe Shores who spend countless hours dedicated to consistent customer support each week.

This year more than ever, we have seen how excellent customer service allows us to sustain a great relationship with our customers and support them and their needs throughout the pandemic.”

To celebrate this week, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our team members and sharing their experience across our social media channels! Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and follow the National Customer Service Week Hashtag #NCSW.

For more information on National Customer Service Week and how you can get involved, click here.

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