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Safe Shores Monitoring are excited to announce our new contact tracing and visitor management tool designed to allow people to get out more and get back to work both safely and in line with legislation.

Safe Trace is a contact tracing and visitor management tool which ensures that sectors including retail, hospitality, travel and tourism, health and social care, general office spaces and more can remain safe and compliant for returning staff, visitors and customers. During this time, increased safety and compliance with data legislation will be essential for building trust with customers and staff, which Safe Trace offers.

Safe Trace offers easy-to-use technology deploying QR codes to securely record details of customers, visitors and staff for contact tracing purposes. The data collected meets all contact tracing requirements and ensures that premises can maintain safe distancing by monitoring the number of people who have entered and departed. The data is encrypted and deleted automatically after 21 days, which alleviates customer privacy concerns and meets data protection obligations.

Workplaces also include home and care home environments where essential staff and care professionals come and go. The Safe Trace visitor management system improves the safety and traceability of these environments as it can be easily configured to log all relevant details of their visits with a quick scan.

Tom Morton, CEO of Safe Shores Monitoring, said: “Measure brought in to prevent the spread of coronavirus have controlled the disease but poleaxed the economy. We may not see the return to ‘normal’ any time soon, but we need to put up the open sign and get back to work.

“Inevitably, this will involve increased activity, whether that’s the office, the warehouse, the restaurant or the museum. As we start getting out and about more, we need to adopt measures that ensure those who are returning to workplaces and other spaces can do so safely, with a way that is compliant with contact tracing as well as data protection legislation.

“some people are itching to get back to the office, while others aren’t as keen. We have designed Safe Trace to provide peace of mind for employees and employers alike and I in a way that is easy to use as well as inexpensive to implement.”

You can try out Safe Trace for your business today. We have developed two models to help all kinds of businesses get back to work with safety and traceability in mind.

Safe Trace for Footfall Businesses 

Whether you are a hospitality business inviting customers back to your restaurant, a corporate business hosting an annual meeting, or even a visitor attraction tracking your visitors for the first time, Safe Trace helps to seamlessly manage visitor details and contact tracing.

Safe Trace for Service Delivery Businesses

Whether you are a nurse, care provider, engineer, technician, housing officer or perform any other roles which requires you to access a customer’s home, the Safe Trace app can accurately and securely record who you come into contact with for contact tracing purposes.

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