Business Travel Checklist

This Employee Business Travel Checklist is designed for use by companies across the public, private and third sector to help ensure that employees who travel locally and internationally are safe from all foreseeable risks.

By completing the checklist, employees and volunteers can identify any risks they may face by understanding the potential dangers of their destination. Furthermore, the checklist helps to identify the need for other measures to support travel, including finances, important documentation, visas, and communication methods.

Employee Business Travel Checklist

Employee Business Travel Checklist

To support your employees travel safety, we have developed a business travel checklist to help identify tasks that must be completed before an employee sets sail on their trip. This includes:

  • Destination Safety Questionnaire
  • Travel Planning Checklist
  • Health and Insurance Checklist
  • Finances
  • Important Documents
  • Communication
  • Personal Safety Checklist
  • A list of internal and external resources featuring UK Government travel advice

To help fulfil risk assessments as part of the checklist, you can download our free Risk Assessment Toolkit. 

To learn more about potential travel risks for employees, click here to read our blog “Business Travel Safety: How to protect travelling employees.

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