Contact tracing for service delivery made simple!

Safe Trace is our simple and secure contact tracing solution which allows you to manage your duty of care for your employees and customers whilst delivering essential services.

Safe Trace helps support a safer working environment, allowing your staff to safely visit customers, clients and tenant’s homes with contact tracing in mind.

Safe Trace provides you with a cost saving, error free and GDPR compliant automatic data capturing tool to help you serve your community safely. We provide your customers with QR codes to be place in the home and kit your staff with the smart Safe Trace app which intelligently records their visit to a customer’s home during service delivery. All data is securely stored in our Safe Trace Portal, which automatically purges data after 21 days when no coronavirus alerts have been raised.

Safely reconnect with your clients 

Safe Trace allows you to safely and efficiently reconnect with your clients in their homes with minimal disruption from existing contact tracing methods.

By using Safe Trace, you can provide your staff and customers with the confidence that their safety is actively monitored on a secure and GDPR compliant system designed to raise alerts when cross contamination of coronavirus has been identified.

Safe Trace supports all forms of service delivery, including:

Accurately record customer visits with ease

Safe Trace allows you to collect accurate customer visit records, including verified phone numbers and names which are encrypted and securely stored within the Safe Trace Portal.

By placing a QR code in your client’s home, your employees can safely enter the home with minimal contact and record their visit automatically with safety and efficiency in mind using the Safe Trace app.

The Safe Trace App intelligently records entry and exit times to client’s homes, allowing you to identify links, measure exposure to certain clients and monitor overall safety and attendance times.

Act quickly and responsibly 

The Safe Trace App and Portal allow you to act quickly and responsibly in the face of a possible coronavirus alert raised by a customer or employee.

With automatic data capture from the Safe Trace App, all data is secured on the Safe Trace Portal for quick retrieval for trace and protect teams to alert your employees and customers who may have been exposed in the previous 21 days.

With Safe Trace, you can provide your customers and employees with the confidence that they are in a safer environment with a trusted and responsive contact tracing method.

Safe Trace Contact Tracing for Service Delivery

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