Meet Archangel®

Your Personal Safety Management System

Designed with people at its core, Archangel® is an intelligent personal safety system which connects our unique range of personal safety apps, devices and services, working in unison to keep lone workers and individuals at risk of crime safe.

The system enables you to manage end user profiles, device allocations, locations, alarm management and activity reporting, providing you full control of your service.

Accredited to the highest standards, including BS8484, it is awarded “Secured by Design” by the National Police Chiefs Council which means it is a Police preferred specification.

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Build your Safe System of Work

As a modular system, Archangel® is a BS8484 certified and flexible ‘Safe System of Work’, allowing you to build your own personal safety system. Archangel® allows you to manage your own lone worker service, or it can be managed by the team at Safe Shores. By blending inclusive functionality with a choice of optional devices, apps, services and modules, you can adapt, support and scale your system to flex with changing business needs.

Modules Include:

Manage, create and populate both individual and group profiles working with the Essential Service. 

Allocate the Companion App to end-users

Allocate a range of devices to end-users, including the Ally Bluetooth Button, The Chaperone Device and The Voyager Device.

Access daily, monthly and yearly reports detailing end user activity, alarm reports and system resilience.

Access to a range of training and support from the Safe Shores Team.

Allow our 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre to manage your service. (This is an optional service.)

Access up to 90 days of aggregated device location data. (This is an optional service.)

Connect with other devices, systems and programmes for an integrated and customised system. (This is an optional service.)

Manage Personal Safety

Archangel® provides you with a fully featured dashboard allowing you to monitor individual wellbeing and employee work activities.

The dashboard allows you to clearly see:

  • Employees on duty and active at work
  • Employees performing a risky activity
  • Employees who require a Welfare Check
  • Employees in SOS alarm status
View how many employees are active at work.
View how many employees are working at a heightened level of risk.
View which employees may need a Welfare Check.
Manage SOS Alarms and follow individual employee’s custom response plans.

Manage Profiles and Devices

Archangel® allows you to seamlessly create and manage both individual and group end-user profiles, containing employee risk and role information with a bespoke emergency response plan.

The Personal Safety System furthermore allows you to allocate a range of approved apps and devices to end-users. Flexibility allows you to increase or decrease user profile volumes to suit your changing business needs, with the option to turn off devices that are not in use, saving your organisation money.

Live Location Data

Archangel® allows you to view live location data with compatible apps and devices during alarm status. This provides you with accurate location data to send to the emergency services during an SOS situation. If you do not wish to manage SOS alarms, our 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre service can help.

You can also view live location data on demand with our optional Tracer service. Tracer allows you to access up to 90-days worth of aggregate location data. This is important for incident management, resource management and route planning.

Advanced Reporting

Archangel® provides you access to daily, monthly and yearly reports which demonstrate the effectiveness of the Archangel® system across your organisation.

Reports include:

  • Dashboard – confirms status of all users
  • User Activity: Is the system effectively deployed?
  •  User Alarms: by type and response times.
  • System resilience and availability
  • Time sheets and activity logs.

Flexible Integration

Our flexible API allows the Archangel® system to be integrated with other devices, systems or programmes.

This allows the lone worker system to be integrated with other platforms and permits the sharing of data between other processes and systems operating across your organisation.

The API Module allows greater efficiency, customisation and automation.

Archangel connects to all of our personal safety solutions: