Chaperone Device

The robust and discreet GPS enabled lone worker device.

The Chaperone

Chaperone is our lightweight and discreet GPS enabled device with an impressive battery performance. For maximum resilience it is paired with our roaming SIM which overcomes poor signal areas by connecting to any available UK mobile network.


The Chaperone package includes our standard features as well as options including a highly configurable Fall and Mobility Alarm, advanced location services, and regular location reports.


Flexible and lightweight (49g) format means it can be worn on a lanyard, or attached to your keyring.

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SOS Button

Large central SOS button connecting you directly to your chosen responder or our ARC.

Live Audio

High quality two-way recorded audio connection between the Chaperone and our ARC.

Configurable Button

Allowing you to clock on, create a timed activity guard or record activity updates.

Roaming SIM

Roaming SIM allows you to connect to the strongest network, perfect for working in remote areas.

Advanced Location

Accurate location data and geofencing capabilities to support and manage lone worker safety.


Intelligent, configurable sensors which detect slips, trips and falls, generating automatic welfare alarms.

Safety Features


A dedicated SOS button to summon emergency assistance.

Welfare Check

When a lone worker fails to Clock Off or TAG off, a series of welfare messages are sent. If there’s no response, an alarm is raised.


Clock on at the beginning of your work period and clock off at the end with a single button press, helping to demonstrate work time compliance and safety.


Timed Activity Guard (TAG) records the time surrounding a hazardous activity. If the TAG is not closed after a set period of time, a welfare alarm is generated.


TASK enables lone workers to leave a message outlining their current activity. This can be updated regularly throughout their working period.

Friend In Need

Press your SOS button anytime you may need temporary assistance or comfort. For example, whilst walking alone in a new location.

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