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Essential is our most popular lone worker package. Combining value and quality. Our simple to use, telephone based lone worker service is controlled dynamically by end users using their mobile or smart phone's key-pad.

This service allows organisations to protect their lone workers while using existing devices which are equipped with all standard Essential features highlighted below.

Our tailored service is specifically designed to protect employees and empower management to stay in control, while fully complying with current legislation.

  • Perfect for businesses with a bring your own device policy
  • An affordable solution with the most simple roll out
  • Easy to manage and suitable for businesses of any size
  • Does not require the purchase of purpose-built lone worker devices
  • Licences may be transferred seamlessly to new employees or volunteers throughout the contract
  • Ease of use as lone worker is already familiar with their phone
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Essential Features


The End User can CLOCK ON using a designated fast-dial button. This indicates the start of a full working period. Users ‘CLOCK OFF’ when they have safely completed their working period.


The TAG operates independently of the CLOCK function. It is a record of an activity that poses a higher personal risk over a short time frame. EG a new customer visit; a task within a confined space; a visit with historic risk.

Welfare Check

This is a check-safe function followed at the end of the Welfare Timer period for both CLOCK and TAG functions. If end users fail to communicate with administrators at the end of an allotted period of time then a welfare message is sent after an agreed grace period. Once lapsed, a series of messages will be sent to the end user before an alarm is raised.


The End User can summon immediate assistance from responders by activating the designated SOS fast-dial button, or by sending an SMS from their device at any time.


Archangel® is a secure cloud-based platform which: Enables customers to manage end user profiles via a web portal. Provides comprehensive end-user activity and system performance reports. Provides access to first responder alarm management.


ARC24 is an optional Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) service.This can be used to manage and respond to all welfare alarms and SOS situations. The ARC operates 24 hours, 365 days and is certified to BS8484 and BS5979 CAT2 and has direct communication links with all UK police and emergency services.

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Choosing the right lone worker solution which perfectly suits your business and employees can be a difficult decision. We’re confident that our solutions are the right ones for your business, but it is a question of which of our services or products is right for your staff. To help you make the right decision we offer a trial free of charge and with no obligation to buy across all of our lone worker solutions.

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A day in the life of a lone worker with Essential

A member of staff conducting domiciliary visits

You begin work at 08:00am and you CLOCK ON using Essential’s simple one-touch dial in, this notifies our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC24) and your Manager that you have begun your shift and are about to begin your home care service visits.

As you approach your first client visit of the day you TAG ON and record a brief description of your location and activity as you feel it poses a higher personal risk over a short time frame. This information is logged by your service connected to our ARC24.

You are met at the door by your elderly client and make you way through to their living room, as you enter the room you feel uneasy as someone who you assume is a family member is acting suspiciously. As you have treated this client regularly for years and have never seen this individual you enquire as to who they are but they refuse to tell you anything. Usually working alone in this situation you would feel very uneasy but the knowledge that you have Essential at hand and can summon help at the push of button comforts you so you continue to treat the client.

During the treatment, the unidentified individual starts to become aggressive towards you for no reason so you discreetly press the SOS button connected directly to our ARC24. This triggers two actions, it begins recording the audio of the individual’s aggressive behaviour and it connects you to one of our experienced Emergency Response and Support Operators (ERSO) who hear the unknown individual shouting aggressively at you and react quickly by escalating an alert.

As the ARC24 has been awarded a Police Preferred Specification the ERSO bypasses the 999 dial-in and passes on your TAG details so the emergency response is rapid and also prepared.

Minutes later the individual’s aggression begins to peak and they block the exit so you cannot leave. Suddenly blue lights flash through the windows followed by a knock on the door. The individual’s demeanour changes as they answer the door and as the Police question them about their reported aggressive behaviours they deny it and accuse you of lying. But a recording of the whole event has taken place through the Essential Device and can then be used as evidence.

The Police make sure you are okay and let you exit the property safely while they deal with the individual.

As you leave your Manager calls you to let you know that Safe Shores Monitoring have informed them about the situation and that you are safe, and will have an incident report sent to them later that day.

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