Voyager and Voyager Mini

Your Remote Lone Worker Solution

Voyager is our rugged Satellite Communication (Sat-Com) range providing the most resilient form of communication, allowing Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) to communicate and locate individuals anywhere in the world.

With two sizes to choose from, The Voyager and The Voyager Mini are the first BS8484 certified Sat-Com solutions featuring two-way communication through our “Secured by Design” Archangel personal safety management platform. Alarms can be monitored by your own management team or by our ARC24 BS8484 certified Alarm Receiving Centre service.

Voyager allows global communications coverage via the Iridium satellite network by Garmin which enables communication from anywhere in the world, including remote locations (Satellite subscription required through Garmin)

  • Ideal for lone workers in areas of poor signal strength
  • Rugged handheld satellite communicators enable two-way text messaging via 100% global Iridium® satellite network by Garmin
  • Trigger an interactive SOS message to Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Pair with compatible mobile devices to access maps
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Archangel® is a secure customer portal for: management of end-user activity; viewing activity and system performance reports; and for the management of welfare check and alarms.


The End User can CLOCK ON at the beginning of their work period and CLOCK OFF at the end with a single button press, helping to demonstrate compliance with the working time directive and can be used to ensure location privacy.


The TAG records an activity that poses a higher personal risk over a short time frame. E.g a new customer visit; a task within a confined space; a visit with historic risk. TAGs can be created using a combination of free text and audio files.


The End User can summon immediate assistance from responders by activating the designated SOS fast-dial button, or your App’s SOS button.

Welfare Check

This is a check-safe function followed at the end of the Welfare Timer period for both CLOCK and TAG functions. If end users fail to communicate with administrators at the end of an allotted period of time then a series of welfare messages are sent to the end user before an alarm is raised.


Using sophisticated location services enables end users to be accurately located both indoor and outdoor during alarm states.

Satellite Communications

Connecting you anywhere in the world through the global Iridium® satellite network by Garmin.

Two-way Communication

First BS8484 Sat-Com device featuring two-way messaging, connecting you to emergency contacts and responders.

Friend In Need

Friend In Need enables the user to press their SOS at anytime where they may need some temporary assistance or comfort. For example, walking across a dimly-lit car park or street, or walking through an area known for crime.

Pairs with Smartphone

Pairs with compatible smartphones to provide maps, contacts and GPS to navigate.

24/7 Support

Access to 24 hour support, 365 days per year.


Access to free e-learning to help you get started.


ARC24 is an optional Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) service. This can be used to manage and respond to all welfare alarms and SOS situations. The ARC operates 24 hours, 365 days and is certified to BS8484 and BS5979 CAT2 and has direct communication links with all UK police and emergency services.


Tracer is our advanced location service. Using a computer, tablet or smartphone you may view a device location ‘on-demand’ and view up to 90-days worth of  historic location data.

Additional Training

Obtain additional training to help use your Chaperone Device. This can include a webinar with our support team or a training day at your premises.

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