Advanced Location Tool

Tracer is an advanced location tool which allows you to audit your up to 90 days’ worth of your employee’s location data which support incident management, route planning and resource management.

Tracer uses all available devices and location technologies to derive end-user’s location from a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS), WiFi (hotspots), Cell-ID (cell mast locations) and through the use of movement and direction information.

Tracer can be applied to all of our lone worker services that already obtain location services, such as the Companion App, the Chaperone Device and the Voyager device.

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Advanced Location Tools

  • View 90 days of aggregated device and PIN location data for reporting, safety monitoring, incident management, route planning and resource management.
  • View live locations of end users to assist emergency response.
  • View map, satellite and street view location information to help locate end users in unfamiliar areas.
  • Visually assess data containing time, location, movement and direction of travel.
  • Locate other employees in the same area to support resource management.
  • View end user routes and previous locations to monitor safety and work patterns.
  • Find nearest resources close to your current location including hospitals, pharmacies and more.
View live locations
View up to 90 days of location data.
View different device locations.
Access to street view to assist emergency response in SOS situations.
Accurate location mapping.
View historic data to map routes and working patterns.
Calculate speed and point of direction.